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2014 Conference Presentations
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2014 1st Annual Southeast Brownfields Conference Presentations

Click here for Agenda. Presentations will be listed by session number and speaker.
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October 29, 2014

Session 1: What is a "Brownfield" Anyway?

Session 2: Brownfields:  A Pathway to Viable Communities

Session 3: Incorporating Sustainable Design into Brownfield Projects and Areas

Session 4: It Takes a Team to Put Together a Successful Brownfield Project

Session 5 & Session 23: Creating a Rural Brownfields Resource Network

Session 6: Building the Bridges to Provide for Equitable Development in Environmentally Challenged Neighborhoods

October 29 Keynote Speaker Charles Bartsch, USEPA

Session 7: Practical Tips, Proven Strategies, and New Tools to Successfully Manage the Vapor Intrusion

Session 8:  One Upon a Time -- The Key to Reviving Historic Urban Communities

Session 9:  State Brownfields Programs Part I

  • No Presentations

Sessions 10: Manufacturing -- As American As Apple Pie

Session 11:  Private Public Partnerships -- Just Say Yes

Session 12:  State Brownfields Programs Part II

  • No Presentations

Session 13:  If We Build It, They Will Come -- How to Work with Developers Towards a Successful Brownfields Redevelopment

Session 14 & Session 17: Don't Forget to Dot Your "I"s and Cross Your "T"s -- A User's Guide to Successful Grant Applications

Session 15: Money Talks, So Let's Pick Up the Conversation -- Funding Your Brownfields Redevelopment


October 30, 2014

Session 16:  When Cities Collaborate

Session 17: Don't Forget to Dot Your "I"s and Cross Your "T"s -- A User's Guide to Successful Grant Applications  -- See Session 14 for Presentations

Session 18:  What's the Latest on Institutional Controls?

  • No Presentations

Session 19: Implementing Cooperative Regulatory Change through Private/Public Dialogue

Session 20: "Land Ho" -- Waterfront and Port Redevelopment

Session 21:  Brownfields Inventory Tools as Part of Community Revitalization

Session 22: Meaningful Community Engagement

  • No Presentations

Session 23: Creating a Rural Brownfields Resource Network -- See Session 5 for Presentations

Session 24: Small Towns, Big Ideas, Amazing Results

Session 25: What the Heck is a CREC

  • No Presentations

Session 26: Regional Healthfields Successes

Session 27:  The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Brownfields' Land Reuse Case Studies

  • No Presentations

Session 28:  Asbestos in Soil -- Who Knew?

Session 29: Economic Redevelopment Programs -- Enhancing Brownfield Redevelopment

Session 30:  Bearing Fruit -- Brownfields and Healthy Foods

 Session 31:  Environmental Workforce Development

Session 32:  The Power of Parks, Trails and Open Spaces

Session 33:  Re-visioning Brownfields Through Area-Wide Sector Planning

Session 34:  Tools to Reduce Health Disparities Through Brownfields Redevelopment

October, 31, 2014

Session 35:  Meet the Regulators

  • No Presentations

Session 36 & Session 38:  Meet the Funders Workshop

Session 37:  Hot Topics/Projects in Brownfields Across the States

  • No Presentations


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