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2013 Conference Presentations
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2013 Florida Brownfields Conference Presentations

Click here for Agenda. Presentations will be listed by session number and speaker.
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October 28, 2013

Opening Session
State of Brownfields in Florida - Michael Goldstein
Conference Overview - Nadia Locke &Janet Peterson

Session 1: The Basics of Brownfields

Session 2: Brownfields 101 for the Private Side Funding Success Stories

Session 3: Renewable Energy and Brownfields

Session 4: Brownfields 102 Case Studies

Session 5: Tamiami Trail Panel

  • None

Session 6: Cars, Planes, Trains.....and Arsenic and PAHs

  • None

Session 7: Palm Beach County's Economic Development

Session 8: TODClassroom Session

Session 9: FDEPWorkshop

Sessions 10: Health Monitoring

Session 11: Transit Village and Downtown West Palm Beach

Session 12: Risk Assessment on Brownfields Siets

October 29, 2013

LUNCHEON SPEAKER - Jose Gonzalez, Florida East Coast Industries

Session 13: Ports and Harbors

Session 14: Community Involvement in Brownfields Redevelopment -- Getting it Right -- EJAction Forum

Session 15: Maintaining Environmental Liability Protection During Construction

Session 16: Current & Future Direction of Brownfield Tax Credits & Incentives in Florida

Session 17: EJListening Session

Session 18: Remediation on Brownfield Sites

Session 19: TCRPCProjects Classroom Session

Session 20: EJListening Session II

Session 21: Incentives for Redevelopment

Session 22: Funding Opportunities

Session 23: Healthfields Roundtable Discussion

Session 24: Vapor Intrusion

Session 25: Site Inventories

Session 26: Job Training Programs: Placements and Challenges

Session 27: Legislative Update

Wednesday, October 30

Session 28: Changes in Laws, Regulations and Inventives

Session 29: EPAGrant Roundtable

Session 30: Save This Brownfield Deal

Session 31: Managing Grants Roundtable


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