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2012 Conference Presentations
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2012 Florida Brownfields Conference Presentations


Click here for Agenda.  Presentations will be listed by session number and speaker.
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October 29, 2012

Keynote Speakers

Session 1: The Basics of Brownfields

Session 2:  Private Approach to Brownfield Redevelopment

Session 3:  Alternate SCTLs and Background

Session 4: ABCs of Successful Brownfields Grant Writing

Session 5:  Success Stories from the Private Sector

Session 6: Identifying and Complying with Continuing Obligations

Session 7: Grant Recipients, Case Studies

Session 8:  Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits

Session 9: Ports and Trains

Sessions 10 and 13: Case Studies

Session 11: Layering Financial Incentives – Lowering the Bottom Line

Session 12:  Innovative Technologies for Assessment at Brownfield Sites 

Session 13:  Case Studies Continued

Session 14: EJ Listening Session – Part II

Session 15:  Ideas, Strategies, and Case Studies to Streamline the Re-Use Process

Session 16:  Beyond Grants, Finding Your Funding

 Session 17: Educating the Next Generation Through Brownfields

Session 18: Building Partnerships with FDEP to Facilitate Cleanup

Session 19: Want It, Need It, Had It, Lost It: Maintaining Environmental Liability Protection During Development

Session 20: Health Care Update

Session 21: Long Term Natural Attenuation Monitoring, Recalcitrant Contaminants, What Can be Done?

Session 22: Incorporating Sustainable Practices in your Brownfields Redevelopment

Session 23: Urban/Community Gardens

Session 24:  Expecting the Unexpected

 Session 25: Petroleum Corridors

Session 26:  Vapor Intrusion

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