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2010 Conference Presentations
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2010 Florida Brownfields Conference Presentations


Click here for Agenda.  Presentations are listed by track number, session number and speaker.
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Keynote Speakers

November 15, 2010

November 16, 2010

 Track 1 - Brownfields 101

Session 1: The Basics of Brownfields

Session 4: Florida's Brownfields Incentives

Session 7: Do You Have What it Takes to Go Vertical - What Happens After the Science

  • No presentations

Session 10: Sticky Legal Issues in Brownfields Redevelopment - A Practical Guide with Real Solutions

  • No presentations

Track 2 - Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment

Session 2:  Brownfields and Green Development

Session 5:  U.S. EPA Brownfields & Renewable Energy Roundtable

Session 8:  U.S. EPA Brownfields & Renewable Energy Roundtable Continued

Session 11:  Redeveloping Brownfields with Renewable Energy

Track 3 - Technical Tools You Can Use

Session 3:  Arsenic and the Science behind the Proposed EPA Changes

Session 6:  Incremental Sampling - Methods and Application

Session 9:  Sustainable Remediation

Session 12:  Innovative Technologies

Track 4 - Brownfields 202

Session 13: Environmental Concerns and Ethical Consideration

Session 16: Real Estate Development Trends

Session 19: State of Banking in Florida

Session 22: Federal Parternships: Overview and Case Studies

Session 25: Institutional Controls: New Guidance

Track 5 - Planning for Brownfields Redevelopment in your Community

Session 14: Local Government's Expanding Role in Redevelopment

Session 17:  Highway to Health Care and the New Health Care Legislation

Sesson 20:  EJ Listening Session

  • No presentations

Session 23:  What is an EJ Showcase Community?

  • No presentations

Session 26: Brownfield Projects to Improve Public Health

Session 28:  Community Gardens, Green Spaces, and EPA Funding

Track 6 - Making Deals Happen in a Downturned Economy

Session 15: EPA Planning Grants and Brownfields Property Decision Making

Session 18: Affordable Housing, Lessions Learned

Session 21: Insurance, Environmental Liability Transfer, and Guaranteed Fixed Price Remedication Transactions

  • No presentations

Session 24: Florida's Proposed Stormwater Rule - The Good, The Bad and the Bizarre

Session 27: Vapor Encroachment and indoor Air Quality Sampling


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